Guitar Hero 3 lead to a Diploma

The school I went to for high school was very well known for the high amount of GED’s not diplomas. The concept is highly accepted in the community as there are a multitude of reasons for why. One stems from families here don’t always make a lot of money to support their families and need the kids to start working. Another is the high amount of pregnancy’s from unprotected sex. Finally there is just an overwhelming feeling of not caring from Junior onward. I would argue that this was due to the administration for Freshman and Soft-more’s absolutely were enthusiastic and really tried to help everyone succeed with personal meetings every week. Once becoming a Junior it was a stressful design your own schedule as the school was trying to prepare us for college. I as a Junior did fine, but my grades were really starting to tank near the end of the third quarter. I was only getting C’s in classes I normally was getting A’s in such as math. It wasn’t that the content was harder, the problem was that I flat out could careless as there was no longer anyone pushing me to succeed. As Senior year descended upon me I felt from day one after seeing the syllabus that the amount of “busy work” or homework as it is commonly referred to was going to be eating up a massive amount of time! Sadly, this came at a time my best friend Theo was getting massively addicted to a video game called League of Legends and he had hooked me onto it. We would spend 6 hours on most days in the realm of League of Legends. As my grades as a Senior were getting worse and worse as I wasn’t doing the homework and slept a majority of the time in class as I was over playing League of Legends. Fast forward to report card day  and all of my classes said I was in danger of failing and each teacher had nasty comments of utter disgust with my presence being in class. I did have to have my mom and dad sign off on the paper and they both looked at me and said “would you like to stop going to high school and just get your GED?” I responded with “only if I fail out of high school I think I can get the grades up if I try harder.” They were both fine with that answer signed it and reminded me GED is an option and that they would totally understand. After I got their signature I went straight back to League of Legends with my best friend Theo.

Guitar Hero 3 thank the heavens it came out as it was my savior I needed. Guitar Hero 3 had been out for a significant amount of time at this point and was very cheap to get it. Mom bought it for less than $30 for my Hanukkah gift on the 8th day. I was super excited and ran straight into my room.  I played that game all the way till the end and nothing was going to stop me. My hands ached, but I would persevere earning the rights to play more and more songs and then it came. “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce. My mind couldn’t handle the intensity of the song  the sheer brilliance of the notes.  My hands couldn’t keep up the song was just too difficult. I was determined more than I had ever been before to finally accomplish something of meaningful worth. I was to beat this song on Expert difficulty!

Hearing the lyrics over and over losing round after round I was understanding the true problems I had were of my own doing. The lyrics are very much about rising up to the challenge and tackling it on your own or with others through the fire and flames. My current situation in schooling was showing me that I was neglecting to prioritize school over League of Legends. All of my other friends aside from Theo were already deciding to get GED’s so they really didn’t help advise me on any other path than to just keep playing League of Legends with Theo and just get that GED! “Through the Fire and Flames” made me truly realize what it means to pick oneself from the bootstraps and get something done. I had two tasks I wanted to complete as being a Senior get that diploma and beat the song on Expert.

Studying for tests all I wanted to do was listen to music as it helped me focus. So, to be training my mind for tackling the song I kept playing it in the background almost envisioning myself playing it as I studied for my math class. To say the least my grades were shaping up to be A’s and B’s and I was getting proper sleep and being alert and active in class. Theo went on to become a MLG (Major League Gaming) League of Legends player. He got kicked out after his first tournament apparently he did awful and he got a GED. I was the only person of my tight nit circle of friend’s who didn’t get a GED. I got to walk and grab that diploma and shake the hand of the principal of the school and it was a glorious day. I did beat “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert with a 83% score and it was the greatest achievement I have ever done gaming wise. There is a special place in my heart for the song and I could only speak highly of how it saved me from the path of getting a GED and instead getting the diploma. Thank you Guitar Hero 3!

My favorite Guitar Hero version of this song is :

My favorite fan version for this song is :


2 Topics

In the massively successful online multi-player game called World of Warcraft, I can achieve in fewer than seven (7) hours what it would take many players a full week of game play.  I can take a new character, from level 1 with no gear or expertise, and get that character to the current level cap of 110.  What is interesting about this method is very simple to do. My angle, or my view, is that it is sad that players will willingly choose to pay Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft, $60 to be level boosted from level 1 to level 100, still leaving 10 levels to go!!!  In my opinion, that is a waste of money whereas with just 7 hours of game time they could have achieved max level from level 1! This could easily be published on Wowhead where other World of Warcraft players would see this and hopefully learn how to improve their leveling methods or dissuade people from burning $60 for the level boost or both!

A topic I am massively interested in is campaign finance reform. I believe campaign finance reform is needed because with the implementation of Citizen’s United, our current political system has become even more corrupt. What I find interesting about this topic is that without fundamental changes to how our candidate’s campaigns are funded the candidates have no choice but to listen to those making large campaign donations.  With the big donors having the most ready access to candidates, Ma and Pa, the common voter, have very little influence over political ideas. My perspective  on this is that we must change current laws in regards to how we fund our candidates campaigns, otherwise our political system is corrupted at all levels state, local and federal. This issue for the most part is ignored. Yes, during our most recent political races there was talk of the Koch Brothers and their exhorbatent campaign contribiutions, that’s all it was, just talk.  As it stands now,  we are acknowledging the problem, but not fixing it. I could see this being published in Forbes, The Blaze, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN or even NBC as this issue is apolitical.

2 Reviews 1 major twist!

Here I was watching on youtube possibly the greatest invention to come from one of my favorite youtubers JoeysWorldTour. The Italian Hero at Subway and I knew I wanted it. Going to school we have a Subway there and I asked politely  for this graceful sandwich. “Uhm…you want a what,” the subway worker said.

“One Italian Hero please?” I said.

“I don’t think we make those,” as she gave a deer in the headlights look.

“It’s literally right above you the sign everything!!!” I angrily exclaimed.

She looked up and started asking her friends if they have the ingredients.

“Nope we don’t make that.” She said

I officially pissed stormed off the Subway at our school San Jose University deserves a proper -2/5 not only are they preforming false advertisement the very fact she had the gall to not give recommend me something else or even apologize is outrageous. JoeysWorldTour video I watched is to think I would’ve most likely loved this sandwich is the part that really hurts the most! THANKS A LOT SUBWAY AT SJSU!!!


Have you ever dreamed of going to a movie theater that not only care about customer service, but are cheap too! Think no further than Scotts Valley Cinema a divine cinema experience! Logan was the movie me and my buddies have been wanting to see. When we walked up to the window and ordered our tickets they have you select your seats which is awesome! When it came to getting our popcorn my friend Zach asked for five layers of butter. The cashier said “absolutely” with a smile! Furthermore, the cashier actually did it and Zach was swimming in buttery heaven. The seats are beyond comfortable and the movie screen was perfectly positioned. The sound quality was explosive and totally fit the vibe of the movie! 5/5 would go again in a heartbeat!




Food Review

Glorious is the way that San Jose State University gives access to business’s to claim us being students money! Yes, there we do have a Subway on campus, but sometimes sandwiches ain’t what I am looking for. This is where Ristorante comes in. This is located for us students near the West Parking Garage and right next to the Jack in the Box. To say the least I have been here multiple times especially for lunch time and now I shall write a review that which it deserves.

If we are going by a 1 – 5 scale or a 1 – 10 scale it maxes both of those scales. Yes, I am literally saying I would give this place a 5/5 or a 10/10. The decor is gorgeous and there is always sports on the TV’s which is exactly the setting I want! Furthermore, they have a excellent lunch special. My personal favorite is the linguini with calamari. The serving size is easily meant for three people and it only comes in at $8.50! I also enjoy their policy on drinks I am able to order as much Shirley Temple’s as I want!!! Let’s just say I order so many of them that if there was 1/4th Vodka I would be completely smashed by the end of my session. Most importantly for me is the customer service…Wow it’s some of the greatest every time I have been in there. The staff is extremely friendly and efficient I have never gotten into an argument with them and cannot express just how awesome they are! Ristorante has a sign right outside of it’s establishment I 110% recommend going there if you want a delicious, happy and filling meal experience.

The Mundane

Redwood Christian Park a park surrounded by trees and the breeze of the mountain air fills the lungs. As you head through the kitchen, each creak as the wood compresses to each pound of my weight there are voices like echos, but quieter. The voices resonate, growing stronger, as through the dark.  The light is bright enough to see the walkway and you realize there is hope. In the bleak darkness, the taste of dust fills the lungs and forces coughing at an acceptable pace. The sounds of raindrops slamming the poorly designed metal roof — some drops touch the hair. The rain drops keep count to the pace of seconds as the voices are still growing stronger through the traversal of this room.

What are you to find in this place? Your curiosity fills you with everlasting glee as the smells of something fresh is in the air. Chinese, Japanese or even Taiwanese food — your nose cannot detect the very Asian culture of the food being prepared. The sounds of pots and pans crashing and clanking. Oil moving north, south and then back in place. The smells grow stronger with each footstep as the wooden creaks, alerting your presence.

With open arms and positive faces these men and women greet you. Your optimism of getting food is getting increased. As they start scrambling to grab what you think is an ordinary plate and food is splashed, flung and splattered upon it. “Eat” they will tell you the sound of your stomach expanding and contracting giving a vulturous roar. The food is rather delicious and one feels the sense of home in this odd place.  You feel as if you are at home even though those preparing the food are strangers.


Overwatch Competitive Gone Wrong

Shadowninja (playing as Zarya): “Can our Hanzo be any more noob?”

Me (Hanzo): “What the fuck are you talking about I have gold eliminations…”

Shadowninja: “Oh listen to that CIS white male whine oh boo hoo gold eliminations you fucking scrub learn your place.”

Me: “I would have gold damage if our Zarya could actually land a ultimate!”

Shadowninja: “Just because you suck at the game does not mean you should bitch about me.”

Me: “Are you fucking kidding me I am gonna lose 30 SR over this game because of you Zarya! I just hit Grandmaster today and this is what I get!”

Shadowninja: “You deserve to lose that SR you suck at Hanzo you probably suck at life that’s why you think being Grandmaster is impressive you CIS white male fuck. I am in the top 500’s this is just my alt I do not care if I tank SR.”

Me: “Yeah right that’s not your alt you are just kidding to compensate that you quite literally are a cancerous player thanks for tanking my SR you piece of shit.”

Now for the actual context

After having grinded on Overwatch for easily over 40 hours of gameplay in this competitive season which is only three months before the next round of competitive play season starts I was excited to be Grandmaster. Grandmaster is the rank right below being a top 500 player for the region being that we are American we have American servers. Playing my first game at Grandmaster level turned from great to completely sour as Zarya one of the most valuable characters to have on your team is failing to land a very important skill that will benefit our team. Me playing as Hanzo was killing as many players as possible to compensate, but without Zarya being both a team player by failing to land this important skill she would ultimately be the downfall of the game.

Shadowninja (playing as Zarya): “Can our Hanzo be any more noob?”

At this point I was more confused than understanding the situation. I was also quite furious that here I am with gold eliminations which means I am getting the most kills on our team. Noob is a rather derogatory term which stands for bottom of the barrel pathetic person it’s a harmful term that easily comes with slamming someone. In her phrasing it the form of a question it had the attitude of sounding like she was trying to slam me and it did sting. To show just how powerful calling someone noob is try saying the N word to a African American it’s that level of powerful and completely uncalled for in the gaming community.

Me (Hanzo): “What the fuck are you talking about I have gold eliminations…”

By me throwing out that I have gold eliminations that shows that I am not only competent, but am maximizing getting kills which is what a good Hanzo player should be doing. I did trail off as I was more confused as to why Zarya brought up that insult and that point. I opened with a cuss word which doesn’t help my situation, but tension is high especially at higher levels of gaming and I was stressed that we were losing even though I was getting a lot of kills.

Shadowninja: “Oh listen to that CIS white male whine oh, boo hoo, gold eliminations you fucking scrub learn your place.”

A CIS white male is a term generally used by feminists to insult a white male who also happens to be of straight orientation. This again was another uncalled for insult. On top of that using scrub is not as powerful as noob, but it definitely is another derogatory term of the gaming community usually meaning bad player as she used in this context. She criticizes and undermines my gold eliminations even though that’s a statement that I am doing as much killing as I can as Hanzo.

Me: “I would have gold damage if our Zarya could actually land a ultimate!”

I was dumb founded at this point that Zarya or Shadowninja was complaining about me. Ultimates are vital to the success of the team on Overwatch in particular Zarya’s clumps the enemy team together as long as she hits the enemies. This is great for me as Hanzo as I can synergy with this and shoot a arrow that will spread into multiple arrows and would kill their team. Every time she used the ultimate that game she would miss hitting the enemies this was hurting us completely and we lost due to this blatant problem.

Shadowninja: “Just because you suck at the game does not mean you should bitch about me.”

Rather than fight me on the legitimate point I made she chooses to go the route of arguing that I just flat out suck at the game. She also implies that due to in her mind that because I am bad that I cannot complain about her being bad. This is comparing apples to oranges it does not compute.

Me: “Are you fucking kidding me I am gonna lose 30 SR over this game because of you Zarya! I just hit Grandmaster today and this is what I get!”

Again my response in the situation was out of sheer rage I was quite livid at this point. Losing SR otherwise called Season Rating is very painful. On average one will gain 15 or less SR per game win and losing will cost roughly 30 or more. The game decides based on personal performance in the game how much that gains will be as well as streaks if I was on a multiple win streak than the amount of SR I would gain would be more significant. I wasn’t on a win streak, but I was sad that today I got to Grandmaster. I was also furious that given the situation I was matched with a Zarya that was gonna cost me that rank of Grandmaster. I just hit it today so I needed a win to lock my place in the Grandmaster rank.

Shadowninja: “You deserve to lose that SR you suck at Hanzo you probably suck at life that’s why you think being Grandmaster is impressive you CIS white male fuck. I am in the top 500’s this is just my alt I do not care if I tank SR.”

Again with the CIS white male which implies this person may have been a feminist and was disgusted with playing with a male? The line that would really sting with me is the “you deserve to lose that SR…” if she could understand the sheer amount of grinding and commitment I had put in I did not deserve to lose that SR. When she says “tank SR” that means to deliberately play at a bad level to make others in the group suffer as a consequence. What this implies is that this Zarya was intentionally playing bad and would be passively aggressively making us all suffer. She also claims to be in the top 500’s that is the rank above Grandmaster and obviously being in the top 500’s is extremely impressive. An alt is a term to mean alternate account generally this is if you want to play not necessarily at the high end, but still want to play the game so, you make another account to play against lower end players without affecting the main account’s standing so, it can still be a top 500 player.

Me: “Yeah right that’s not your alt you are just kidding to compensate that you quite literally are a cancerous player thanks for tanking my SR you piece of shit!!!”

If you could imagine my face being absolutely red as a cherry and my jaw dropped that’s where I was at that loss. I probably blew up her ear canal’s with how loud I yelled at her with that last sentence. I was so mad that here I was back down to Master rank which is the rank below Grandmaster just because I got matched up with this Zarya player. There was no way she was playing an alt character as she should have been destroying in that game. A Zarya and Hanzo should have been destructive, but she was playing at below a average Grandmaster level. When I called her a “cancerous player” that is ironic as I also was a cancerous player. When we as gamers use the term cancerous that is to imply that her level of being bad will spread on and also that her attitude was awful. It’s funny because we both were cancerous that game! When I thank her for tanking my SR that is in the most sarcastic angry voice you can imagine. Not only was I mad that we lost, but now I have to climb again to get back to Grandmaster…




Shari A Quilter Supreme

Although Shari has a BA in accounting she found that throughout her childhood the nagging feeling of becoming better at quilting was her true goal in life. Her first quilt which she had significant help from magazines and tutorials on television came out in her words as “a horrific mess.” Shari holds onto that first quilt as a reminder that she can not only overcome the difficulties, but can always be better than where she started.

Shari found her niche for selling her quilts on Ebay. She tested the waters with a rather basic dolphin swimming in and out of the ocean. Shari not only said it was extremely complimented, but got multiple emails asking her to design more quilts. Shari has made quite a significant living off of her habit of quilting and she loves everyday to do it. Whereas some people will work for 8 hours, Shari works 10 – 12 hours everyday. “I find a lot of comfort in watching Law and Order and having my adorable cats around me for petting.” Shari’s core belief is that every quilt should have passion and energy throughout.

Interview with Mohamed Abdi Hassan

Hassan was a entrepreneur and practicing leader of his pirate crew. The infamy of his crew arose when he hijacked the ship Pompei and with this capture got much attention with Belgium officials in 2009. The Belgium officials rather annoyed by him and his crew sent him a false tip off of riches that were going to be going down this specific channel. When Hassan and crew came they were apprehended by the Belgium officials and now Hassan was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment as of March 2016.

I personally want to know further details of the incident with apprehending the ship. This story was the reason I got into looking into the politics with Somali pirating. Hassan unparticular has been classified as a true mastermind and that this operation that went supposedly smoothly. I don’t know any specifics in terms of what happened all I know is that he was apprehended. Others who read this post I hope will be inspired by what relevant information one of Somali’s best pirate leaders can tell us about hijacking ships. Furthermore, I hope that we can learn just what it means to be a real pirate!

My Questions
1. Hello, Hassan do you feel that twenty years’ imprisonment was an accurate punishment for what you did in capturing the Pompei?
2. If you were given freedom today would you go back to pirating or would you work with your son to expand his business?
3. Are you willing to talk about the events of apprehending the Pompei if yes, please go into intensive details?
4. If you were to train the next big league Somali pirate what would be your personal five tips to give to that person?

5. If you were to have a movie about your life on the high seas what actor would you have play your role?

Coffee Time is All the Time!

For those who like to consume coffee regularly, our coffee spot is there for you! This coffee shop puts you and any friends you bring into a roomy and nice spot for enjoying coffee. The experience serves to remind you and your friends about enjoying the perfect cup of coffee only accessible here at Innovo! Our rooms are clean and with spaced out tables giving plenty of room to chat with friends. Our coffee shop also has artwork from local painters and soothing music as well! Innovo is designed with you in mind whether it’s your busy life, a need to smile or even to simply enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry.

Shamwowkitty the Gamer Boy

Hello, my name is Marcus, however, in the gaming world,  I am more commonly known as Shamwowkitty. That has been my screen name for many of the video games I have played and and I am currently playing. I started gaming back in the days of the Game Boy, not even in color — I am talking black and white! My first game was literally called Nintendo Baseball. In comparing Nintendo Baseball to where we are today game-wise, Nintendo Baseball is inferior in terms of mechanics or skill ceiling available to climb. I am very much a more competitive gamer and I enjoy the thrill of achieving as high a score or rank as possible. Games I play currently include World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Killing Floor 2 and Gunman Taco Truck. I take pride in World of Warcraft to achieve the highest achievement score and I am currently sitting at 25,600 achievement points, out of a possible 27,990. In Diablo 3, my goal is to play each season,reach the max level and get to a higher paragon than the previous season. By the way, a paragon is levelling up after reaching the last level.  Last season, I achieved paragon 950 and this season my goal is 1,000.  Currently, I am at  340 so, that’s going to take some serious grinding!  In Heroes of the Storm, my biggest goal is to have every hero unlocked only through free to play means. I have been slacking on doing my daily quests and am quite behind on this especially with Valeera being released! In Killing Floor 2, I have a group of friends who are rather infrequent for logging in and when they do we try to push as much as we can on our perk progress. In Gunman Taco Truck, I am trying to unlock all the recipes and all of the Steam achievements possible.  While this game has only been out for 2 days, I am 90% of the way done. Finally, for Overwatch, I got placed out of gold this season and I am trying to make the climb out of silver. If you couldn’t tell I prefer multiplayer games far more than single player games. I have grown up on World of Warcraft and have been playing since late Burning Crusade. I created my main character in Wrath of the Lich King and that would be my Death Knight! I have been tanking on him pretty much since he was created and have been loving it still! Furthermore, I don’t just play video games rather hardcore I also do have a job. I work in food service and we feed groups up to 1,000 people. Generally, we as employees, don’t speak their language such as Chinese or Japanese and so, we try to incorporate a sort of pseudo sign language. The job is both frustrating and fun at the same time. If the customers understand our hand signs the day and night go rather smoothly, but if they don’t they could end up with ketchup instead of soy sauce !