Shamwowkitty the Gamer Boy

Hello, my name is Marcus, however, in the gaming world,  I am more commonly known as Shamwowkitty. That has been my screen name for many of the video games I have played and and I am currently playing. I started gaming back in the days of the Game Boy, not even in color — I am talking black and white! My first game was literally called Nintendo Baseball. In comparing Nintendo Baseball to where we are today game-wise, Nintendo Baseball is inferior in terms of mechanics or skill ceiling available to climb. I am very much a more competitive gamer and I enjoy the thrill of achieving as high a score or rank as possible. Games I play currently include World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Killing Floor 2 and Gunman Taco Truck. I take pride in World of Warcraft to achieve the highest achievement score and I am currently sitting at 25,600 achievement points, out of a possible 27,990. In Diablo 3, my goal is to play each season,reach the max level and get to a higher paragon than the previous season. By the way, a paragon is levelling up after reaching the last level.  Last season, I achieved paragon 950 and this season my goal is 1,000.  Currently, I am at  340 so, that’s going to take some serious grinding!  In Heroes of the Storm, my biggest goal is to have every hero unlocked only through free to play means. I have been slacking on doing my daily quests and am quite behind on this especially with Valeera being released! In Killing Floor 2, I have a group of friends who are rather infrequent for logging in and when they do we try to push as much as we can on our perk progress. In Gunman Taco Truck, I am trying to unlock all the recipes and all of the Steam achievements possible.  While this game has only been out for 2 days, I am 90% of the way done. Finally, for Overwatch, I got placed out of gold this season and I am trying to make the climb out of silver. If you couldn’t tell I prefer multiplayer games far more than single player games. I have grown up on World of Warcraft and have been playing since late Burning Crusade. I created my main character in Wrath of the Lich King and that would be my Death Knight! I have been tanking on him pretty much since he was created and have been loving it still! Furthermore, I don’t just play video games rather hardcore I also do have a job. I work in food service and we feed groups up to 1,000 people. Generally, we as employees, don’t speak their language such as Chinese or Japanese and so, we try to incorporate a sort of pseudo sign language. The job is both frustrating and fun at the same time. If the customers understand our hand signs the day and night go rather smoothly, but if they don’t they could end up with ketchup instead of soy sauce !