Interview with Mohamed Abdi Hassan

Hassan was a entrepreneur and practicing leader of his pirate crew. The infamy of his crew arose when he hijacked the ship Pompei and with this capture got much attention with Belgium officials in 2009. The Belgium officials rather annoyed by him and his crew sent him a false tip off of riches that were going to be going down this specific channel. When Hassan and crew came they were apprehended by the Belgium officials and now Hassan was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment as of March 2016.

I personally want to know further details of the incident with apprehending the ship. This story was the reason I got into looking into the politics with Somali pirating. Hassan unparticular has been classified as a true mastermind and that this operation that went supposedly smoothly. I don’t know any specifics in terms of what happened all I know is that he was apprehended. Others who read this post I hope will be inspired by what relevant information one of Somali’s best pirate leaders can tell us about hijacking ships. Furthermore, I hope that we can learn just what it means to be a real pirate!

My Questions
1. Hello, Hassan do you feel that twenty years’ imprisonment was an accurate punishment for what you did in capturing the Pompei?
2. If you were given freedom today would you go back to pirating or would you work with your son to expand his business?
3. Are you willing to talk about the events of apprehending the Pompei if yes, please go into intensive details?
4. If you were to train the next big league Somali pirate what would be your personal five tips to give to that person?

5. If you were to have a movie about your life on the high seas what actor would you have play your role?


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