Shari A Quilter Supreme

Although Shari has a BA in accounting she found that throughout her childhood the nagging feeling of becoming better at quilting was her true goal in life. Her first quilt which she had significant help from magazines and tutorials on television came out in her words as “a horrific mess.” Shari holds onto that first quilt as a reminder that she can not only overcome the difficulties, but can always be better than where she started.

Shari found her niche for selling her quilts on Ebay. She tested the waters with a rather basic dolphin swimming in and out of the ocean. Shari not only said it was extremely complimented, but got multiple emails asking her to design more quilts. Shari has made quite a significant living off of her habit of quilting and she loves everyday to do it. Whereas some people will work for 8 hours, Shari works 10 – 12 hours everyday. “I find a lot of comfort in watching Law and Order and having my adorable cats around me for petting.” Shari’s core belief is that every quilt should have passion and energy throughout.


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