2 Reviews 1 major twist!

Here I was watching on youtube possibly the greatest invention to come from one of my favorite youtubers JoeysWorldTour. The Italian Hero at Subway and I knew I wanted it. Going to school we have a Subway there and I asked politely  for this graceful sandwich. “Uhm…you want a what,” the subway worker said.

“One Italian Hero please?” I said.

“I don’t think we make those,” as she gave a deer in the headlights look.

“It’s literally right above you the sign everything!!!” I angrily exclaimed.

She looked up and started asking her friends if they have the ingredients.

“Nope we don’t make that.” She said

I officially pissed stormed off the Subway at our school San Jose University deserves a proper -2/5 not only are they preforming false advertisement the very fact she had the gall to not give recommend me something else or even apologize is outrageous. JoeysWorldTour video I watched is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLnagRlniVs. to think I would’ve most likely loved this sandwich is the part that really hurts the most! THANKS A LOT SUBWAY AT SJSU!!!


Have you ever dreamed of going to a movie theater that not only care about customer service, but are cheap too! Think no further than Scotts Valley Cinema a divine cinema experience! Logan was the movie me and my buddies have been wanting to see. When we walked up to the window and ordered our tickets they have you select your seats which is awesome! When it came to getting our popcorn my friend Zach asked for five layers of butter. The cashier said “absolutely” with a smile! Furthermore, the cashier actually did it and Zach was swimming in buttery heaven. The seats are beyond comfortable and the movie screen was perfectly positioned. The sound quality was explosive and totally fit the vibe of the movie! 5/5 would go again in a heartbeat!





Food Review

Glorious is the way that San Jose State University gives access to business’s to claim us being students money! Yes, there we do have a Subway on campus, but sometimes sandwiches ain’t what I am looking for. This is where Ristorante comes in. This is located for us students near the West Parking Garage and right next to the Jack in the Box. To say the least I have been here multiple times especially for lunch time and now I shall write a review that which it deserves.

If we are going by a 1 – 5 scale or a 1 – 10 scale it maxes both of those scales. Yes, I am literally saying I would give this place a 5/5 or a 10/10. The decor is gorgeous and there is always sports on the TV’s which is exactly the setting I want! Furthermore, they have a excellent lunch special. My personal favorite is the linguini with calamari. The serving size is easily meant for three people and it only comes in at $8.50! I also enjoy their policy on drinks I am able to order as much Shirley Temple’s as I want!!! Let’s just say I order so many of them that if there was 1/4th Vodka I would be completely smashed by the end of my session. Most importantly for me is the customer service…Wow it’s some of the greatest every time I have been in there. The staff is extremely friendly and efficient I have never gotten into an argument with them and cannot express just how awesome they are! Ristorante has a sign right outside of it’s establishment I 110% recommend going there if you want a delicious, happy and filling meal experience.

The Mundane

Redwood Christian Park a park surrounded by trees and the breeze of the mountain air fills the lungs. As you head through the kitchen, each creak as the wood compresses to each pound of my weight there are voices like echos, but quieter. The voices resonate, growing stronger, as through the dark.  The light is bright enough to see the walkway and you realize there is hope. In the bleak darkness, the taste of dust fills the lungs and forces coughing at an acceptable pace. The sounds of raindrops slamming the poorly designed metal roof — some drops touch the hair. The rain drops keep count to the pace of seconds as the voices are still growing stronger through the traversal of this room.

What are you to find in this place? Your curiosity fills you with everlasting glee as the smells of something fresh is in the air. Chinese, Japanese or even Taiwanese food — your nose cannot detect the very Asian culture of the food being prepared. The sounds of pots and pans crashing and clanking. Oil moving north, south and then back in place. The smells grow stronger with each footstep as the wooden creaks, alerting your presence.

With open arms and positive faces these men and women greet you. Your optimism of getting food is getting increased. As they start scrambling to grab what you think is an ordinary plate and food is splashed, flung and splattered upon it. “Eat” they will tell you the sound of your stomach expanding and contracting giving a vulturous roar. The food is rather delicious and one feels the sense of home in this odd place.  You feel as if you are at home even though those preparing the food are strangers.