Food Review

Glorious is the way that San Jose State University gives access to business’s to claim us being students money! Yes, there we do have a Subway on campus, but sometimes sandwiches ain’t what I am looking for. This is where Ristorante comes in. This is located for us students near the West Parking Garage and right next to the Jack in the Box. To say the least I have been here multiple times especially for lunch time and now I shall write a review that which it deserves.

If we are going by a 1 – 5 scale or a 1 – 10 scale it maxes both of those scales. Yes, I am literally saying I would give this place a 5/5 or a 10/10. The decor is gorgeous and there is always sports on the TV’s which is exactly the setting I want! Furthermore, they have a excellent lunch special. My personal favorite is the linguini with calamari. The serving size is easily meant for three people and it only comes in at $8.50! I also enjoy their policy on drinks I am able to order as much Shirley Temple’s as I want!!! Let’s just say I order so many of them that if there was 1/4th Vodka I would be completely smashed by the end of my session. Most importantly for me is the customer service…Wow it’s some of the greatest every time I have been in there. The staff is extremely friendly and efficient I have never gotten into an argument with them and cannot express just how awesome they are! Ristorante has a sign right outside of it’s establishment I 110% recommend going there if you want a delicious, happy and filling meal experience.


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