2 Reviews 1 major twist!

Here I was watching on youtube possibly the greatest invention to come from one of my favorite youtubers JoeysWorldTour. The Italian Hero at Subway and I knew I wanted it. Going to school we have a Subway there and I asked politely  for this graceful sandwich. “Uhm…you want a what,” the subway worker said.

“One Italian Hero please?” I said.

“I don’t think we make those,” as she gave a deer in the headlights look.

“It’s literally right above you the sign everything!!!” I angrily exclaimed.

She looked up and started asking her friends if they have the ingredients.

“Nope we don’t make that.” She said

I officially pissed stormed off the Subway at our school San Jose University deserves a proper -2/5 not only are they preforming false advertisement the very fact she had the gall to not give recommend me something else or even apologize is outrageous. JoeysWorldTour video I watched is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLnagRlniVs. to think I would’ve most likely loved this sandwich is the part that really hurts the most! THANKS A LOT SUBWAY AT SJSU!!!


Have you ever dreamed of going to a movie theater that not only care about customer service, but are cheap too! Think no further than Scotts Valley Cinema a divine cinema experience! Logan was the movie me and my buddies have been wanting to see. When we walked up to the window and ordered our tickets they have you select your seats which is awesome! When it came to getting our popcorn my friend Zach asked for five layers of butter. The cashier said “absolutely” with a smile! Furthermore, the cashier actually did it and Zach was swimming in buttery heaven. The seats are beyond comfortable and the movie screen was perfectly positioned. The sound quality was explosive and totally fit the vibe of the movie! 5/5 would go again in a heartbeat!





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